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340B Drug Pricing Program

Medications can be expensive -- not just for individuals but for hospitals as well. But did you know The Medical Center is part of a government program that enables the hospital to keep its outpatient medication expenses down? The 340B Drug Pricing Program is designed to help hospitals with large numbers of low-income patients provide care without reducing quality. Through the program, The Medical Center saves around 27% on the cost of outpatient medications. That savings helps The Medical Center cover the cost of services offered free of charge to our community -- such as health fairs, screenings and patient education programs.

The government's Health Resources and Services Administration oversees the program. By negotiating with pharmaceutical companies, the government guarantees lower drug prices to hospitals providing care to vulnerable patient populations, such as patients who are underinsured or who have no insurance at all. Many times, the hospital receives only partial payment or no payment at all when treating patients facing financial hardships -- The Medical Center actually has more than twice the uncompensated care as facilities that do not qualify for the 340B program.

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