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Our Treatment Team

Med Center Health is proud to welcome Radiation Oncologist Brooke Leachman, MD to the Cancer Center team. She focuses on listening to her patients and their families to learn their wishes and values. This understanding drives the decisions she and patients develop together about cancer care.

Dr. Leachman treats each patient the way she would want her family treated. Her vision is that all patients deserve access to modern, comprehensive and multidisciplinary cancer care provided by compassionate medical professionals.

Dr. Leachman joins Richard A. McGahan, MD, a radiation oncologist who specializes in the management of difficult cancers. Dr. McGahan is board-certified in radiation oncology.


Richard McGahan 

Our team is dedicated to your treatment success and act as motivators, teachers and a shoulder to lean on when you need extra support. In addition to our physicians, many other professionals will be working with you during your therapy. These individuals may include:

Dietitian- A registered dietitian may be called upon to give you advice to maintain good nutrition and help ease side effects that may impair your eating while taking radiation treatments. Your physician will monitor your weight weekly and will inform you if he feels a dietary consult is needed.

Dosimetrist- The medical dosimetrist works closely with both the medical physicist and radiation therapist. This individual performs dose distributions, calculations, chart checks, and other physics duties.

Medical Physicist- The medical physicist provides ongoing quality control on the treatment machines to assure that the equipment is in proper working order. The physicist is also responsible for measurements and dose calculations as well as weekly patient dose monitoring.

Oncology Nurses- The radiation oncology nurse works closely with the physician to assess the patient's physical, psychological and social needs. The nurse schedules and coordinates services for patients with our caregivers to promote continuous quality care.

Radiation Therapists- The radiation therapist is a specially trained professional who operates the treatment machines that administer the radiation dose prescribed by your radiation oncologist.

Social Worker- Our social workers work are clinically trained to provide supportive counseling to you and your family. They can also assist you with concerns related to transportation, financial assistance, and home care services.