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EKOS for Pulmonary Embolism

Blood clots in the lungs can cause pain in the chest, shortness of breath and a fast heart rate among other symptoms. Sometimes it can be life-threatening. Now there is an invasive but non surgical way to remove massive clots through use of an EKOS catheter.

The catheter is guided through blood vessels to the location of the blood clot. There, it will deliver a drug called thrombolytic while at the same time producing ultrasonic waves. The waves and the drug will act in synergy to fully disintegrate the clot.

Interventional cardiologists are now using EKOS at The Medical Center. The ultrasound-enhanced thrombolysis: EKOS (Endowave Infusion Catheter System) enhances the catheter-directed thrombolysis by accelerating the process with the application of ultrasound, reducing treatment time and bleeding risk.

Another important benefit to patients needing treatment is that by having the procedure available at The Medical Center they are now able to be treated close to home. Patients no longer have to travel out of the area for this advanced ultrasound-enhanced EKOS treatment.

In addition to treating pulmonary emboli, EKOS has been used at The Medical Center successfully for treating lower extremity deep vein thrombosis and for reopening thrombosed (clotted) peripheral arteries stents.