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Lead Extractions

The Medical Center now has the capability of performing lead extractions. Patients no longer have to travel out of the Bowling Green area to have the procedure performed.

The two types of devices with leads most often used by cardiologists to regulate heart rhythms are pacemakers and defibrillators. There are two components to the devices: the device itself, and the leads that go into the heart. The leads carry the electrical activity that provides the ability to pace the heart to keep it from beating too slowly, and also high voltage to give the heart a shock should a life-threatening event occur.

Lead extractions may be necessary if the lead is damaged or there is an infection. The Medical Center has advanced technology allowing for the safe extraction of the leads even if scar tissue has formed around the leads. Doctors insert a special catheter that goes down over the lead. It can separate the scar tissue from the lead, and allows the doctor to safely remove it and put in a replacement.