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TAVR Option for High Risk Aortic Valve Disease Patients

Aortic Stenosis (AS) occurs when your aortic valve does not open as it should. This makes your heart work harder to pump blood through your body. This affects your health and limits your normal daily activities.

Med Center Health now has a team ready to see patients at the Heart Institute Valve Clinic. This group of medical professionals has been assembled to serve patients needing aortic valve replacement using a transcatheter approach with the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). The team consists of two cardiothoracic surgeons, three interventional cardiologists, the Valve Clinic Coordinator (VCC), and additional support staff.

The TAVR procedure is recommended for patients with symptomatic aortic stenosis who are considered at intermediate or high risk for standard open-heart valve replacement surgery. It does not require open heart surgery. The new valve is implanted using a catheter through an artery that leads to the heart. The replacement valve is made from porcine tissue. The tissue valve is held in place by a metal frame and is designed to work like your own heart valve.

Each patient is evaluated by the Valve Clinic Coordinator, two Cardiothoracic surgeons, and an Interventional Cardiologist to determine if TAVR is right for the patient.

Renee Combs, RN, BSN is the Valve Clinic Coordinator (VCC). Combs works with all referred patients to obtain a complete picture of their health. She will be with the referred patient every step of the way, from the first appointment through the TAVR procedure, promoting positive patient experience and outcomes. She will work with the patient to coordinate all testing and appointments required to prepare for the procedure and will explain to each patient step-by-step how the procedure works and what to expect during and after their hospitalization.

After receiving the new valve, the patient should start feeling better right away. This is because the heart valve is now working properly. Patients are often walking the next day and the hospital stay is typically about 3-5 days.

TAVR is FDA approved and available for qualifying patients receiving Medicare and Medicaid.

For an appointment call Medical Center Heart Institute 270-796-3330.

To reach the Valve Clinic Coordinator (VCC) call:

Renee Combs, RN, BSN
Valve Clinic Coordinator
350 Park Street, Suite 210
Bowling Green, Kentucky 42101