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Neonatology Team

Our neonatology team brings together the expertise of a variety of healthcare providers to provide specialized and individualized care for high risk babies.

Our team is lead by neonatologists who are pediatricians with specialized training in caring for babies who are premature or ill.

Together with the neonatologists, our team includes:

Pediatrician: A physician who has special training in caring for babies and children.

Registered Nurses or RNs: Nurses with training in neonatal intensive care who will provide round-the-clock care for your baby.

Respiratory Therapists: Professionals who have training specific to your baby’s breathing needs. Many of our NICU therapists hold the credential of NPS (Neonatal/Pediatric Specialty) from the National Board of Respiratory Care. This demonstrates the essential knowledge, skills and abilities required of respiratory therapists in this specialty area.

Breastfeeding or Lactation Consultants: Practitioners with international certification in counseling the lactating mother and breastfeeding baby.

Occupational and Speech Therapists: Professionals who have special training to care for infants’ individual needs for development, positioning, feeding, and relating to their environment.

Medical Social Worker/Discharge Planners: Professionals who offer emotional support and who arrange for any special care or equipment needed upon your infant’s discharge or “NICU graduation.” They also communicate with your insurance company for authorization of care.

Unit Clerks: Staff members who support the nurses with clerical duties, stocking supplies and assisting in various nursing tasks.

Laboratory and Radiology Technologists: Personnel who take blood samples and x-rays.