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Postoperative Pain Management

Postoperative pain is common following orthopaedic surgery, and its safe and effective management can be challenging to the healthcare team. There are a variety of methods used to ease orthopaedic postoperative pain.

At The Medical Center patients receive a customized pain control plan. It may include IV medications, pills, or nerve blocks. The blocks use special medication injected around the nerves or other tissues. This medication around the nerves prevents patients from experiencing pain. The nerve blocks also serve to cut down on the amount of medication a patient takes and results in fewer side effects and a shorter hospital stay.

A proper approach to acute postoperative pain management must include an appropriate way to assess a patient's pain level. A 10-point pain assessment scale, where 1 is no pain and 10 is the worst possible pain imaginable, has been nationally accepted. Anxiety, fear, and cultural influence are taken into consideration when assessing an individual's pain level and method of treatment. Patient communication with their physician is the key to successful orthopaedic postoperative pain management. It is very important that the patient tell the physician what their pain level is in order to receive proper pain relief.

The Medical Center is dedicated to providing the best patient care and comfort in postoperative orthopaedic pain management.