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The Medical Center's Home Care Program provides a wide range of health and social services to recovering, disabled, chronically or terminally ill patients of all ages who wish to remain in their home. We offer nursing, social and therapeutic treatment and/or assistance with the essential activities of daily living.We seamlessly coordinate the plan of treatment as prescribed by the patient’s physician and work with the patient and caregivers to ensure the best possible care is administered.


Skilled Nurses provide wound care, monitoring and teaching related to disease processes, nutrition and medication management. Additionally, IV administration and instruction of IV management is provided. Pediatric services are available for children from 0 to 18 years.

Physical Therapists provide the patient with the appropriate therapeutic exercises, functional training and education required to help the patient transition from the hospital to their home. Therapists assess the need for assistive devices, home modifications or changes in the plan of care and implement them as needed to maximize the patient’s safety and independence.

Social workers deal with the emotional and social needs of the patient and can provide counseling when needed. They help the patient and family members find available resources that may be of benefit to them. The social worker can coordinate a variety of services.

Speech Language Pathologists work to restore speech to patients. This is often a problem with stroke and heart attack patients. Speech pathologists can re-train the patient in breathing, swallowing, and muscle control.

Occupational Therapists instruct the patient to use specialized rehabilitation techniques to improve basic tasks like eating, dressing and bathing. If needed, they assist patients in learning advanced homemaking tasks such as meal preparation, laundry, and checkbook management.

Dietitians are consulted when assistance is needed for patients related to more complex dietary needs.

Home Care Aides assist patients who have trouble with basic daily living activities such as getting out of bed, walking, bathing, and dressing. They also perform light household duties such as laundry, meal preparation, general housekeeping, and shopping. Additionally, the Aides provide respite care by providing companionship and comfort to individuals who, for medical and/or safety reasons, may not be left at home alone.

24 Hour On-Call

Counties Served: Allen, Butler, Edmonson, Monroe, Simpson, and Warren.