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Clinical Support Employee of the Year

Clinical support employees play a vital role in Nursing at The Medical Center. To recognize the contributions of these individuals to the hospital, the Recruitment, Retention and Recognition Council created the Clinical Suppport Employee of the Year recognition.

Clinical Support Employee of the Year recognizes an outstanding CNA, NA, Home Health Aide, Unit Clerk or Tech (Monitor, OR, OB, ED, Psych, and CSR) who demonstrates exceptional patient care, reliability, and commitment to the healthcare profession. Nominees go before a selection committee prior to being voted on by nursing staff.

2011 Clinical Support Employee of the Year

Brenda Richmond, Monitor Tech

Ambulatory Services

Brenda's co-workers say she is full of energy and has a great sense of humor. Brenda is proud of the changes she has seen in Commonwealth Health Corporation over the years. "I have seen transporters become doctors, teen volunteers become CNAs, CNAs become RNs, RNs become teachers, and a CNA became a CEO. Why is this? Because we have excellent patient care." Brenda makes one promise about her job, "No matter how bad your day is, how tired you are at the end of your shift, when you go home you know you have made a difference in someone’s life that day."

Past Recipients
2010 - Wendy Hawkins, UC/CNA, 5A Nursing Unit