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Behavioral Health

The Medical Center has three separate but connected behavioral health programs. The Inpatient Adult Behavioral Health Unit is a voluntary program that specializes in treating individuals with depression, bipolar illness, psychotic disorders, and suicidal ideation related to substance abuse. The patients in this 12-bed unit stay an average of 5 to 6 days and participate in a daily schedule program of group and individual therapy, nursing education, and therapeutic recreation.

The 8-bed Geriatric Behavioral Health Unit specializes in treating individuals 65 years or older who have symptoms of mental illness and/or behavioral discontrol. Patients stay an average of 10 days and participate in a daily schedule of therapeutic programming.

Both units are locked to protect the privacy and safety of the patients. They are staffed with registered nurses 24 hours a day who provide patient care with the assistance of specially-trained certified nursing assistants. The clinical staff serves both units and consists of licensed clinical social workers, certified social workers, and a certified recreation specialist. A psychologist is available for diagnostic testing and evaluation.

There is a psychiatrist on call for the Emergency Department at all times. Patients are admitted primarily through referral by their physician, mental health provider, or the Emergency Department. Patients on the Behavioral Health Units have access to the same services provided by other hospital departments.

The Behavioral Health Outpatient Program is located on campus and offers an Intensive Outpatient Program which meets three mornings a week, and individual, marriage and family therapies are available.