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Post Anesthesia Care Unit - PACU

The PACU has a 17-patient bay capacity with 3 of those being individual private rooms; of the three, one is an isolation room. It has the latest monitoring technology to assist in providing patient care. PACU utilizes electronic documentation; each patient bay is equipped with its own desktop computer that connects to the patient's monitor with automatic recordings noted on the patient’s record.

All nurses in PACU hold certifications in ACLS and are trained in Perianesthesia nursing. The staff has the ability to recover medically stable to the critically ill patient. The Standards of Practice for the Perianesthesia patient provided by the American Society of Perianesthesia Nurses is the guide followed in providing patient care.

Surgical patients’ ages range from a few months to the elderly. Each is monitored closely until discharge criteria from PACU has been met and the patient can be safely transferred. PACU averages 1,000 patients a month.