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Healthy Weight Program for Kids

Childhood obesity has become a major problem in the United States, increasing a child's risk for developing Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, orthopaedic problems, low self-esteem and depression.

The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center located off Cave Mill Road in Chandler Park works in conjunction with local pediatricians to combat childhood obesity. The Healthy Weight Program for Kids enables physicians to identify children who need assistance with weight management through exercise and healthy nutrition. Physicians can refer these children to the Center for the following services:

Nutritional Counseling - Children who are prescribed Nutritional Counseling and their parents meet with a registered dietitian one-on-one. The dietitian provides a healthy, well-balanced eating plan for the child and ongoing support.

The Medical Center Healthy Kids Club - This membership program supports children making healthy choices by promoting physical activity, healthy eating, safety and wellness. Children ages 5 to 12 are encouraged to lead healthy lifestyles through programs and activities.

To learn more, talk with your child's pediatrician or call The Medical Center Health & Wellness Center at (270) 745-0942 or 1-877-800-3824.